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New Short Film Featuring Latvian Cellist Margarita Balanas and Composer Peteris Vasks

The award-winning young Cellist, Margarita Balanas has released her first short film –‘Pianissimo’.

‘Pianissimo’ is a hauntingly beautiful marriage of music and cinema, of hope and tragedy. In this fictional story, the Latvian cellist stars in a wordless drama as a young cellist from a small
Latvian town who leaves home to pursue her musical dreams in London. Leaving behind loved
ones leads to a heart-breaking portrait of how mental health issues can hide behind an

encouraging smile. The film uses world-renowned composer Peteris Vasks’ beautiful work for
solo cello ‘Das Buch’ as the thread that ties the two diverging stories together. In times like
these, where issues of immigration, feelings of hope and despair, and a collective longing for
something better pervade every aspect of life, ‘Pianissimo’ provides a window into our shared

Produced by the British film production company Holland Brothers and directed by Colin
Holland, ‘Pianissimo’ premieres January 2020. Screenings of ‘Pianissimo’ are scheduled in
London and at the Peteris Vasks Festival in April in Latvia. The production was supported by the Hattori Foundation.

About the film, Ms. Balanas says: ‘Longing, searching, and loss are feelings that we all share and have felt at some point in our lives. Peteris Vasks music has the power to portray these deeply and truthfully. This story, of growing up and leaving home for new opportunities is universal and so is this piece.’

Margarita Balanas is one of the most exciting and versatile artists of her generation. Known for
her distinguished artistry and mesmerising stage presence, Ms. Balanas has performed at venues such as the Royal Festival Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Wigmore Hall, Berliner Philharmonie, Walt Disney Hall (USA), Foundation Louis Vuitton (France), and others in Europe, US, Australia, South America and China. She is currently a recipient of the prestigious bicentenary scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music for the Advanced Diploma program and has recently returned from a concert tour with Anne- Sophie Mutter and Mutter’s Virtuosi. Parallel to her busy solo career, Margarita is also a painter, recently having had her first performance as a painter as part of International Cello Festival in Latvia where she painted to live music.

Her next concert in London will be at 1901 Arts Club on February 20, hosted by Hattori

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